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How to stay motivated to lose weight as per your New Year”s Resolution

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Won’t it be amazing if you can again fit into those delightful dresses of yours?
 Who doesn’t want that right?
Chances are high if you are reading this that you might be in need for some serious motivation right now for weight loss.
Trust me, we all have been there.
 Unfortunately, even after already knowing the methods or habitual changes that you need to make for losing weight you still can’t find the right long-lasting motivation to make those healthy choices happen.
Lose weight fast motivation
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So Why Does This Happen?
Why is it so hard to remain focused on your goal of losing weight?
And how to keep your weight loss motivation completely compact?
It happens because it takes a lot for us to break a habit.
Human beings are habitual beings.
Most of us get afraid at the thought of committing ourselves to something.
Deciding to start to lose weight is a decision that sure involves a lot of change of habits and mindset.
You know how that goes, right?
  • Maybe at one moment, you are pumped up seeing your one of your friends inspiring images in the social media. You decide to seriously hit the gym and start dieting the very next day. Your motivation for weight loss is at its peak today.
  • But in just a day or two, you find yourself binge eating snacks and telling it”s ok for now, there is no need currently to lose all that weight. You will surely do it later.
If you can correlate with this then don’t worry you are not the first.
In fact, everyone at some point in their weight loss campaign has faced this issue.
And this is that vital checkpoint which determines how strong your character…. your willpower really is.
 HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST: weight loss motivation is a serious issue which is often found to get neglected in the midst of diet plans and training schedules.
I myself suffered enormously from this problem of fleeting motivation. And unless and until my weight got me out of my school sports team I never took it that seriously.
So here is the catch.
You need to find that “thing” that will make you go through your journey of hard work and labor.
It will act as the one and only dependable reason for your weight loss motivation.
It sure needs to be a strong factor that will keep you inspired and focused every moment of every single day.
Because at the end let”s face it.
 It is really tough to remain loyal to the hard choices that we make.
It may sound harsh but chances are high that you have reached this state of obesity, because of the actions you took. So in course of time, you unconsciously have been creating a bad habit for yourself.
Hence it will take some courage and dedication to undo those actions.
 Well, it takes a lot of courage to apologize for a mistake.
 Just like that,
It takes courage for saying no to that candy bar
 It takes courage to say no to that mug of beer while partying with your friends.
It”s all these ordinary everyday moments that our courage and sheer willpower get tested… The power of abstaining ourselves from having temporary happiness to achieve something greater.
Here I am going to unravel the main reasons owing to which almost all us find it so troublesome to keep our weight loss motivation together throughout the campaign of losing weight.
After that, I will make you accustomed with the easy but supreme ways of overcoming them.



This sure is the golden reason behind the failure of most weight loss tryouts.
Having a vision initially is great but to stay motivated throughout you have to reconnect with that vision in a greater way on a daily basis.
This calls for a change in the habit which takes roughly about a month to meet.
Lose weight fast motivation
And in those thirty days whenever you are feeling that you are drifting away from your goal.
Just remind yourself in those 30 days that
Yes, it is going to be tough to be disciplined.
But at the end, it will all be worth it.
So the question you should be asking yourself is that
How badly do you want this?
You need to find the deep burning reason kindled within you to get yourself stay focused on this journey.
So say after two weeks,
After about 14 days of devoting yourself to your weight loss training regime, you conclude that you had enough….. now you should just give up.
 One part of you will be shouting to you, that
it”s too hard and you can’t keep up with this intense routine so it”s never going to work.
And trust me this is the easier one to abide by.
So that’s the part of you that will make you drop out of everything that you invested in the past few days and will make you go back to your same old ways.
But there sure will be that other part of the brain that will slowly whisper to you,
“What if this program could really work?”
“What if this could really again make you fit inside those beautiful dresses of yours, once again?”
  • And in this way, a dialogue will go on between your two inner voices.
It is completely okay to feel this way.
I felt this way.
Millions of other weight loss aspirants felt like this at some point.
  •  What you need to do is to hear the voice of this latter part of your brain because in the end what you have tried to build in these last few days is a habit.
  • And you are just another few days behind to reach your goal of sustaining that habit.
With every day passing by, you are leaping close to your habit building process and in achieving your desired goal.
 After 40 to 60 days of getting invested in your new training program life will be a lot easier than it was before.
You will be much more confident, relaxed because now you won’t need to fight yourself every single day in order to stay disciplined.
What you now need to do is to just go with the motion.
So building a habit is the key in order to sustain the motivation of achieving your ideal weight.
Weight loss
Just think about this,

You are home after having a long tiring day at work.

And today is also the day you got your salary.

So the urge of letting yourself get loose from your daily strict habit is quite normal and here”s where your willpower gets thoroughly tested out.

 Our willpower is a strong but strange thing.
When kept in the right way it can help us to achieve wonders no doubt but the problem arises when it fluctuates.
According to studies, it is seen that our willpower is at its peak at the start of the day but slowly starts to diminish as the day goes on.
  • So at the end of the day as it happens that you are tired both physically and mentally.
  • Hence whenever the thought of going to the gym or for a run comes to your mind it appears as a much easier and obvious option for you to let is pass.
Because it is the hardest part of the day to stick to your inspiration and to motivate yourself to do the hard work.
So it is always best to do your workout session or cardio or gym sessions at the early phase of the day with steady willpower along with a fresh body and mind.
Just worry about doing today right.
Rest of the things will take care of itself on their own.
That” it.
That is all you need for getting into the right shape.


Try to think one day at a time, in place of thinking way ahead in the future.
 This is the method I have used and it worked really well for me.
 You see,
After waking up when you think that,
oh, I have to go to running now and again tomorrow and the next day and for the whole damn month then it is quite natural that it will tire your inner self out.
 Never ever do this.
 This won’t do any good to you but will leave you overwhelmed and frustrated.
So learn to program your inner self to always focus on going through one day at a time.
Because the thing is, to lose the needed amount of weight you just need to take the right actions every single day.
So focusing on the activities of the present day will do the trick for you than thinking way ahead of the moment.

4.You don’t need to follow a Boring Exercise plan or a diet plan to reach your goals”:

Most people, including me at the beginning of my weight loss campaign had the misconception of the need to follow a boring diet and hard training plan to reach my target weight.

Thankfully, it is absolutely not the case.

It can be swimming or running or hiking or whatever, it just needs to help you lose a sufficient quantity of calories and also needs to keep you charged up to do that on a regular basis.

As for the diet plan, start by tweaking your current diet plan a bit and slowly go on making some serious changes in it as per wish.

You can read my Ultimate guide of Losing Weight Without Exercise to know more about this step of tweaking the diet slowly to get the optimum results in no time.



The only effective and reliable way of sustaining your motivation for achieving the ideal weight is in the following ways:

1. Find your “THING”:

Try to determine the reason for which you want to lose weight.

For me, it was to gain back my position in my school team.

  • Find some burning reason like this that will keep you motivated and strong throughout.
You can do this in two ways.
Either you can sit and make a list of all the reasons that come to your head and choose the main one out of them.
Ask yourself this single question,
What is the single most important thing that you are not being able to do right now because of your weight?
Chances are that the first answer that will come to your mind will be the one closest to your heart and will be sufficient to keep you motivated.
It’s your call go for any one option but this step of finding the thing of yours… is the important one of all these steps.
If possible stick that “why” in the form of a sticky note onto your mirror so that you will see that whenever you look yourself into the mirror.
losing weight
2. Listen to daily Podcasts of being healthy and losing weight guides:
It is important that you keep working on a daily basis to nurture this motivation of yours in order to make it more strong day by day. Listening to podcasts is one of those ways that can work miraculously.

  Listen to some great Podcasts here.

3. Regularly Read Weight Loss Journeys Of Others:

Another important way of keeping yourself motivated is to read about the weight loss transformations of other people.

These kinds of stories are found all over the internet and this will not only inspire yourself but also can help you to find new kinds of tips that you can implement for yourself.

  • Do a simple “Weight loss motivation before and after” search online.
  • Search in the Pinterest
  • There are also other social media where you can find ample articles on these kinds of news

4. Join a community of people on Facebook or in forums :

To be around people with the same goals is very important in going through that journey of reaching the goals. 

Just go and do a simple google search: “Weight loss forums”{ Put in the year if you want}

weight loss motivation forum

Join the forum that attracts you.


5. Flood timeline with healthy feed:

Even in Facebook and Instagram keep liking the desired pages and profiles with healthy living and weight loss niches so that whenever you open your own timeline, those feeds of theirs will inspire you on a daily basis and keep you involved about your goal, and this works….trust me.


6. Try to find a buddy:

When starting out try to include any friend or anyone close of yours to join you on this journey.

But try to include anyone sincere and realistic who will not only help you to keep motivated in your goals but also will act as a helping hand to give you that extra mental push of aspiration that you will need numerous times in the journey.

7. Have realistic goals and always maintain a journal:

Try to start with small goals like

  • Stop eating fast foods for at least a week
  • Eat no sugar for at least three days

Never start with goals like Lose 15 pounds using the Keto diet in 16 days.

Not only it sounds scary but it also demands a lot of commitment.

First, ask yourself how strongly you are ready to get yourself involved in the process then chart out your goals in a systematic and realistic kind of manner.

8. Learn to Reward Yourself:

Losing weight is surely not easy and can be pretty toiling sometimes. So start to reward yourself for keeping up with all the restrictions and learn to celebrate successes as this will help you to remain motivated. Try to give yourself some credit for the hard work you have done in the past few weeks.

Share your current feelings in online forums and social media.  This will not only help you to get support but also get yourself encouraged with all those positive feedbacks and comments.


9. Learn to appreciate your body and yourself:


Many types of research have shown that people disliking and not appreciating their bodies tend to lose less weight than people who sufficiently acknowledge their body.  They tend to be more at ease mentally and are quite productive than the other type.

10. Never try to be a Perfectionist:

You do not need to be a perfectionist to lose weight. No one is perfect. Avoid beating yourself up whenever you fail to cling onto your restrictions as those defeating thoughts won’t do any good to you and will only hinder you from your goals.

Learn to overcome these small issues and remain honest with yourself about the effort you are putting in to lose weight.

In short, when you aim for perfection, you can find yourself getting frustrated very easily. By being honest with yourself and by being flexible you can undoubtedly remain thoroughly motivated throughout your journey of losing weight.


11. Define your obstacles:

There will always be birthdays and parties to attend.

There will always be stress in your life.

What will set you apart from the other weight loss aspirants is how smartly you are preparing yourself for tackling these issues in the right methodology.

Many studies have shown people with more stress handling capabilities have greater control over themselves and tend to also flourish pretty well in their weight loss campaigns.

IT”s all about self-control at the end.

Yes, you will have setbacks but it is important to have the right mindset while tackling those setbacks.


12. Be Flexible :

  • Make adjustments as per need in your journey.
This is one of the most important habitual adaptions you need to make in the course of your weight loss journey.
It is very easy to get demotivated and but the one thing that will help you to sustain through this journey is  by being truly flexible and smart about your daily routine.
  • Change your diet plans and tweak your exercise regimes as per your need.
See what is working for you in the course of the journey and what is not.
Work on improving or replacing the things that are not working for you in place of trying harder and harder to achieve them.
Losing weight is not that hard.
If you find yourself pushing too hard for doing something then there are chances that you are doing it the wrong manner.

Bonus Tip:

Take the help of any Weight Loss Motivation app out there in the phone store to assist you in your journey of losing weight. You can use those to keep track of your calories and overall progress.


By going through my personal journey of losing about 60 pounds{23 kilos} in one year, I have learned a single important thing that matters the most in losing weight effectively:
There is never a better time to start anything than the present moment.
Don’t let it flow away, start right now or on this very day.
Start loving yourself cause at the end it”s all you should do.
Start eating nutritious and healthy meals from today.
Start exercising and taking good care of your body from today
Never think of starting from tomorrow…
If you really liked reading this post then leave a comment below to let me know on your thoughts and the kinds of problems that are keeping you from losing weight in the right manner.

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