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Hit a weight Loss Plateau? Try 9 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Boosting Weight Loss by 15X Times!

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Have you tried your heart out to lose weight but failed to see any positive results?

If you are remaining loyal to a low-calorie diet and following a steady training regime but not seeing any proper results then your body may need some particular supplements and vitamins that you are seriously lacking in.

Boosting your body with these elements can not only help in triggering your weight loss initiatives but may help in improving your overall health condition.

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At a Glance:

The Top 9 Weight Loss Supplements:

9. Protein Powder

Protein powder as weight loss supplement

Protein plays probably one of the most important roles in proper weight loss. Mainly because your body will end up burning more calories while trying to metabolize proteins than it can do while tackling carbs. Protein also plays another important role in helping you build up your muscle mass.

Many people often end up losing muscle mass along with excess fat from the body. It is important to be wary of this matter and maintain muscle mass throughout.

Protein powder comes into play when even after eating a well crafted out diet plan we don’t fulfill the daily protein need of the body.

That’s where the protein powder comes in. It helps in giving a boost to your weight-loss initiatives. Whey protein is an important source of protein in a concentrated form that is a go-to for many weight loss seekers.

My favorite brand is Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder because it’s high in protein, low in sugar, completely gluten-free, vegan-friendly and tastes like a dessert!

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8. Glutamine

amino acids for weight loss supplement

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and they play an important role in building and maintaining muscle mass while losing weight as previously discussed. So the lack of glutamine content in the body can disturb the momentum of your weight loss journey.

A study that was conducted in 2014 showed that women who took glutamine supplements daily for four weeks–without altering anything in their diet plan or exercise routines–lost way more weight than the group of women who took a particular type of protein supplement for the same time span.

The scientists behind this research hence concluded that glutamine is highly important for shredding off calories and is “safe and effective” for weight loss.

  • Glutamine is found in Foods Like beans, cabbages and also in spinaches however you need to consume these foods on substantial amounts every day to fulfill your daily intake goal of glutamine. 

Hence using a supplement to fulfill that need is a smart move.

One of my favorite brands for GLUTAMINE  is Designs for Health L-Glutamine Powder: Amino Acid for Gut + Immune Support.


7. Matcha Green Tea 

green tea for weight loss

Green Tea is undoubtedly one of the most basic measures one can take while trying to lose weight fast. I have discussed How I used Green Tea to lose 53 pounds previously. It is also one of the ways of losing weight without exercising.

  • It is rich in antioxidant EGCG which helps in boosting the metabolism of your body. The reason why Matcha green tea is listed here cause it has more beneficial properties over normal green tea and is more rich with EGCG.

Matcha Green tea mainly comes in a powdery form which is better suitable for getting the maximum benefits out f your body. It will help to enhance your weight loss goals.

Exercising coupled with the drinking of green tea twice daily can lead to magnificent results.

Go out for a run or jogging, do some lightweight or heavyweight raining as per need, do some basic HIIT workouts at home, whatever just try to cling onto something regarding some form of exercising.

The Japanese Matcha tea of culinary grade is quite expensive however there are plenty of other brands from China that are almost as good as that. Check out this brand in amazon.

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6. Fish Oil

fish oil as a weight loss supplment

Fish oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are tremendously popular regarding their benefits in lowering cholesterol, controlling weight gain and improving the overall cardiovascular condition.

Note: Fatty acids definition and these omega 3 acids can help you to burn off calories by stimulating various kinds of enzymes in your body that helps in healthy living and in triggering your weight loss process.

  • Foods Found in are salmon and nuts however most of us don’t consume these food items as per the recommended amount every day. 

You can substitute that via eating fish oil capsules.

One of the most affordable and effective brands out there in the market is Designs for Health L-Glutamine Powder: Amino Acid for Gut + Immune Support.

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5. Vitamin D

vitamin for weight loss

Vitamin D deficiency can be a nightmare and sometimes people do not notice the symptoms of its deficiency until it reaches an extreme stage.

It happened with me and ultimately it reached to such a state that I was felt fatigued all day and did not have enough strength to carry out my daily activities, let along exercising or going to the gym.

So chances are high if you suffer from fatigue or energy deficiencies on a regular basis even after sleeping 7 to 8 hours daily and eating sufficient nutrition-rich meals every day, that your body needs a bit of help regarding vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a dependable role in determining whether to burn fat or store it.

Deficiency causes:

When your body doesn’t have enough Vitamin D, the levels of parathyroid hormone increase, that can lead to your cells converting sugars into fat rapidly instead of energy.

How to overcome Vitamin D Deficiency:

  • Going out for 10 to 15 minutes daily out in the sun at the early morning stage or just before an hour before sunset when the sun rays are not that much scorching is an effective way to counter this deficiency problem.
  • Food rich in Vitamin D: Eat more of soybeans, spinach, salmon, sardines, collards, etc.
  • Coupled with that in order to fulfill the daily dose of Vitamin D, start to take the supplements.

We recommend any of these two brands

                                                                  Health Vitamin D by Designs                                                      


                                                                           Viva Naturals High-Potency


4. Calcium

Many types of research throughout the years have yielded many positive results that calcium indeed plays an important role in affecting weight loss and have a lot of other functions than maintaining the bone framework.

In many instances, it is seen that diets rich in calcium gave better results regarding losing weight.

  • A low-calorie diet rich in calcium has seen to contribute more than a normal low-calorie diet having normal levels of calcium.

The daily intake one can have from a few glasses of milk daily is not enough so…

Get yourself a calcium supplement that also has Vitamin D.

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3. Probiotics

It is now not a secret that your gut health can play an important role in dictating your health.

The whole digestion procedure can be affected owing to your gut health and people obese have different gut bacteria than those people having normal weight.

Importance of Probiotics:

It helps in the maintenance of normal microflora of your stomach and prevents the adhesion of harmful microbes on the stomach wall linings. Along with these, they serve the nutritional aspects of our body. Hence the presence of beneficial bacteria can be of more benefit for you. For example,

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LPR), for instance, has been shown to help obese women achieve sustainable weight loss at a fast pace.

Probiotics easily blend in with our daily standard diets. Add Greek yogurt along with veggies like kimchi, pickles, miso, etc.

The most practical way of ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy gut is to start supporting your body by taking probiotic supplements.

You can look to buy Vitamin Bounty Pro 25 Probiotic which is a highly popular probiotic on Amazon.

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2. Carnitine 

This is another amino acid that is naturally found in plants and animals. It helps in the regulation of the process by which our body metabolizes fat and carbs.
An improper balance of Carnitine can cause your body to store unwanted fat instead of burning it.

  • It help’s in enhancing the function of mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.

It aids in weight loss by moving fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy generation, which may help in enhancing your ability to burn more fat and help you to lose weight at a fast pace.

Food Sources: Beef, fish, pork, milk, chicken.

People who are vegan or follow a vegetarian diet along with older adults should definitely think about taking         L-Carnitine supplements.

Check this Carnitine powder on Amazon.

1. Olive Leaf Extract

Almost all health enthusiasts know that using olive oil for cooking is beneficial for health.

Olive oil contains good fat which can indeed help you to lose weight as olive oil extract is something which possesses the same benefits and sometimes in a more concentrated form.

Olive oil is generally extracted from olive leaf extract.

Why Do You need Olive Leaf Extract:

  • Reduces chances of inflammation
  • Reduces risks of Cancer
  • Has got antioxidant properties
  • Supports weight loss
  • Manages blood glucose and keeps it stable
  • Helps in the generation of fewer food cravings which ultimately leads to less binge eating
  • Ultimately it helps in the Less stuffing of unnecessary calories in the body

A study that was conducted on animals in 2014 showed that olive leaf extract can prevent high-fat, diet-induced obesity. It is assumed that olive leaf extract helps in preventing obesity via regulating the various processes of expression of the genes responsible for weight gain.

How much Olive Extract should you consume?

On a daily basis, the recommended dose is about 500 to 1,000 milligrams. Its totally up to you on how you wanna divide the amount into multiple doses throughout the day.

Carefully read the instructions that come with the supplement brand container as strength and dosages may vary a bit from brand to brand.

Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf makes one of the best olive leaf extract supplements and check it out on Amazon.

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Bonus #1:

Apple Cider Vinegar 


apple cider vinegar for weight loss

The pH of your body plays a crucial role in determining your health condition.

The apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid that maintains the normal pH of the body and aids in weight loss.

  • It plays another important role in proper absorption of minerals and vitamins, digestion of proteins and in the stimulation of thyroid.

It can be a great practice to drink apple cider vinegar as a cocktail by mixing it in other drinks.

  • Apple cider vinegar has many tremendous benefits and it is not something which will magically trigger your weight loss process but is something which will help you in remaining consistent with your goals and in maintaining your figure or the long term.

It is available in the market however you need to make sure you are buying the organic one with healthy enzymes.

If you wanna be safe then go for this one from Bragg in amazon.

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Bonus #2:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B  12 is one of the most important nutrients our body need and it plays immense roles in the normal nerve cell, brain, and immune system functioning on a regular basis.

Why Do You Need Vitamin B12?

  • Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble nutrient which helps in RBC production, normal nerve cell functioning and plays an important role in safeguarding your body from various chronic heart diseases and from Alzeiheimers by breaking down homocysteine and by keeping its level in our body at a check.
  • Vitamin B12 plays an important role in transforming food into energy without converting it to fat. If you are suffering from fatigue, energy lag issues vitamin B 12 can come to your rescue.
  • It helps in enhancing your memory, immune system, concentration and hence helps in maintaining the normal functioning of your body.

Food Sources:  Vitamin B 12 is mainly found in animal-related products like eggs, fish, beef liver, meat, dairy products .etc.

Over time Vitamin B 12 deficiency can lead to fatigue and excessive tiredness.

This kind of deficiency is generally found to occur more in the following conditions:

  • For people following a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • For people near about or above 50
  • During or after Pregnancy
  • People suffering from serious digestive syndromes

How much vitamin B12 should you take?

  • The recommended dosage for people above 14 years is about 2.4 mcg per day.
  • For pregnant women, it’s about 2.6 mcg per day.
  • For breastfeeding women its about 2.8 mcg per day.

However, this tends to vary as per lifestyle, health conditions and daily nutrition plans.

Hence it is always a good idea to supplement yourself with Vitamin B12 supplements in case you feel you are not consuming enough B12 through your diet.

Check out this Best Selling product from Nature’s Bounty in amazon.

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Weight Loss supplements

( If you have any serious health conditions or take daily medications for diabetes or blood pressure or have any allergic or respiratory issues then it is always advisable to consult with our doctor before stuffing your diets with these supplements)

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