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7 Crazy Hacks to Lose Weight 30% Faster While Sleeping in 2019 (Step by Step Guide)

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Did you know,

You will weigh less waking up in the morning than you were the night before?

Yes, just by doing almost nothing and sleeping the whole night, you are already losing weight without even trying.

Well, it is a scientifically proven fact that We lose weight even while sleeping.

In fact, in this post, I am going to show you the exact steps by which you can lose weight being asleep at night.

sleep weight loss

Sleep & Weight Loss :

Most of us even after somehow managing to follow a diet find it really really hard to exercise every single day.

If you want to lose weight without exercising it is totally fine.

You can easily achieve it by following some smart strategies and by tweaking some of your daily habits.

However, we do sleep every single night right?

Believe it or not, as per the study that got published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, it was found that insufficient sleeping can lead to weight gain even if you are following a strict weight loss diet.

 So How Does Lack Of Sleep Cause Weight Loss?

Studies have shown that just by not sleeping soundly for only a few days, the balance of insulin hormone in your body gets hampered which eventually leads to storage of fat in the unwanted regions of the body.

  • This further also enhances the chances of facing some serious health issues like diabetes, digestion issues and other heart problems in the future.

There are other hormones like ghrelin, leptin, and cortisol which also gets affected whenever we sleep less than six hours a day.

This further leads to mood swings and hunger pangs where we get unnecessarily stimulated and develop the urge to eat to satisfy our hunger even though we are in no need of any calorie intake.


By following the below tips you can thoroughly expect to speed up your weight loss process even while sleeping and by doing nothing:


1.Have a Protein Shake before going to Bed:

Giving your body a protein boost right before hitting the bed boosts your metabolism by many folds.

According to a study by Florida State University study, participants who consumed a snack including 30 grams of protein, had a much higher resting metabolic rate the next day than previously when they do not consume any protein before going to bed.

Protein is denser and much thermogenic than other food sources. So a lot of calories get burned while digesting it.

(As per the opinion of the Zero Belly Diet you should always go for vegan protein powder instead of going for something like whey as the latter one causes bloating and other indigestion issues).

 Read more: How to Drink Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

2. Have Small Portions served in Dinner: 


lose belly fat without exercise

 Just like, it is bad to go to bed starving, it is equally bad to hit the bed right after a heavy meal.

  • If your body still remains in working mode and fully worked up even when if you are sleep then you will enjoy lesser actual sleep and can wake up groggy with a tired feeling.

So instead of eating a monster-sized meal for dinner try to have small servings.

Pro Tip: Try to have your last meal always three hours before going to bed. IF you feel the urge to have a snack before going to then have a protein shake.

3.  Avoid Drinking Alcohol Before Going To Bed: 


One thing we often tend to forget is,

Partying lasts for one night but the beer belly will last for months.

How much weight you can gain from drinking alcohol depends upon many factors like:

  • What kind of alcohol you are drinking
  • How frequently are you drinking every week
  • How much you are drinking
  • What you eat when you drink
  • Your overall health, your age and body condition

However drinking alcohol regularly in a generalized way will not only enhance your chances of gaining weight but in paving the way for many other health issues like diabetes, heart issues, insulin resistance, etc.

Alcohol after entering your body temporarily leads to slowing down the overall body process of breakdown of fat that is already there in your body. 

Drinking a few glasses of wine can help you relieve your stress of a long day but it will decrease your chances of a sound sleep and will degrade the quality of your sleep.

4.  Sleep in Low Temperatures:


Weight loss

As per the journal published in “Diabetes” it stated that sleeping in moderately cooler temperatures helps us to lose the white fat(fat which is bad for our body) at a faster pace.

During colder climates, it is often found that the content of brown fat in our body increases along with the insulin sensitivity. However, during the warmer climates, this gets reversed back.
So it will be a good idea to tweak the room temperature to lower levels as you will be spending about 7 to 8 hours there at that temperature in the bed.

Summary: Maintain a room temperture of 16 to 20 degree Celcius ( 60 to 67 degree Fahrenheit) for enjoying sound sleep.

In this way, by simple adjustments in room temperature you can :

  • Enhance your brown fat levels(Good fat which is needed for the body)
  • Help your body in the battle of getting rid of the white fat
  • Combat against obesity, fatigue and from certain diseases like diabetes, heart problems.
  • A good nights sleep in a cool environment will also help in boosting your metabolism significantly improving your all-over health.

 5. Always Sleep in a Dark Room: 

A recent study published in the Journal of Pineal Research showed that melatonin (the hormone that making you feel sleepy) actually helps you in increasing brown fat production in your body.

Brown fat as mentioned before is healthy for your body and burns more calories than white fat. Your body will produce more melatonin when you regularly sleep in a totally dark room.

Ways by which sleeping in the darkroom can help you to lose weight:

  • Your sleep experience gets enhanced which will promote smooth overall functioning of your body and relieve your stress
  • Will Keep your insulin levels down (that will help you to gain less weight over time)
  • Increase the metabolism of your body

How awesome would it be if you could lose weight sleeping??? Yup follow these 7 easy tips to lose weight just by doing nothingand by only lying on your bed.

 6. Sleep Naked:

This may sound a bit strange but trust me sleeping naked is kind of an addicting habit(and a good one of course!)

  • Sleeping in cooler temperature promotes the formation of brown fat in your body to keep you warm and this in turns boosts your body metabolism.

This leads to burning of calories which gives rise to heat formation.  This boost in your metabolism for all day long leads to weight loss.

So sleeping naked will help you to enjoy a night of better sleep.

How does sleeping naked help you in weight loss?

  • It improves your overall sleep experience
  • Helps in reducing your stress will help in improvement in the blood circulation of your body.
  • Will help you to keep your internal body cooler.

7. Avoid Exercising Before going to Bed:

Exercises make our body warm and kind of wakes it up.

So you can find it hard to get some good sleep just after thoroughly waking our body up.

So always schedule your exercises for the morning or for the evening and not for the night.

Pro Tip: Avoid doing any exercise at least four hours before going to bed.

Bonus Tip: 

 Limit Green Tea or Caffeine Uptake after Evening:


green tea for losing weight

Green tea is no doubt suitable for weight loss. You can read the guide of how I used Green tea to lose 53 pounds here.

However, it also has a high content of caffeine in it.

Too much caffeine can hamper your sleep cycles which will lower the quality of sleep.

So limit your tea and coffee intake if you have trouble sleeping at night.



The proper approach of losing weight is to follow a healthy diet plan which will be tailor-made only for you sticking with which you will enjoy.

  • So everyone knows about the sweet effects of exercising but do they do it regularly?


They do not.

Having a proper training plan coupled with this can do wonders but the thing is most of us in our daily life find it hard to stick to the strict healthy routines and end up doing nothing that will aid in weight loss.

These above-mentioned tips will help you to help in losing weight by just lying in your bed sleeping at night.

If you enjoyed this post then feel free to leave a comment below about that one thing that is bothering you with weight loss right now…





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