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Skip the Gym & Instead Do This 15-Minute Workout

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Let’s face it.

Going to the gym does not suit everyone…

After a long day at work or after dealing with everything at the house, we often find it hard to have the needed time to go to a gym regularly, every day.

However, going to a gym is not the only way of remaining loyal to a training regime.

The exercises mentioned below will not take longer than 5 minutes if done in the right manner and these substitutes for HIIT workouts will have a profound positive effect on burning fat and in getting you into shape.

HIIT workouts substitue,Do these 15 minute workout and skip gym

These exercises are simple to execute at home and on the other side is found to be highly effective in replacing high-intensity interval training(HIIT) workouts to some extent.

1. Mountain climber

A complex exercise that will strengthen your stomach muscles and help you burn calories. It helps in enhancing your overall fitness and your mobility. It also helps in positively impacting your cardiovascular health and


  • Keep your hands in shoulder-width apart on the floor mat
  • The shoulder, feet and the knees are needed to be kept in one line(Starting position is the same as that of push-ups)
  • Slowly lift the right leg and pull it towards your chest without moving any other part
  • Keep the hips and other leg fixed in their position
  • Go back to the starting pose and do the same thing with the left leg

That’s one rep. Do 20 reps in each set and do about 3 to 7 sets at a time,

2.   Squats

Squats are one of the simplest yet effective fat burning exercises out there that can magically help you to lose weight.

They promote muscle building and tones the abs and back muscles. They promote the stability of the connective tissues of the legs.


  • Stand in a straight position with the feet at shoulder width apart
  • Hinge your knees and hips slightly, like you were sitting on an invisible chair
  • Raise your arms parallel to the ground for better balance
  • Your thighs need to be parallel to the ground
  • Keep the back portion of the body straight and keep the feet glued to the floor
  • Press via the heels for getting into the starting position 

This is one rep. Depending on your fitness level, try to do 3 to 7 sets of 20 reps each.

You can use some dumbells to add some resistance to obtain better fruits.

Do it 20 times then take a break of about 10 seconds before the next set.

3. Push-ups

It is a superb exercise for the whole body and not only helps in burning calories but ones your whole body. It strengthens the lower body and muscle building.


  • Keep your hands in shoulder width apart on the floor mat
  • The shoulder, feet and the knees are needed to be kept in one line
  • Slowly lower your body bending he arms while keeping the elbows closer to the body
  • Slowly return to the original position

That’s one rep. Do 10 to 20 reps per set and try to do about 3 to 4 sets in all. Take a rest period of no more than 30 seconds between each set.


4. Lunges

They are highly suitable for toning the body muscles especially to get rid of the fat in the waist and leg region.

It targets the glutes, quadriceps, and the hamstrings hence it acts as an important exercise for toning the lower body. It focuses on unilateral training that helps in enhancing the all over body balance and coordination.


  • Place your feet at shoulder width apart and place hands on the waist
  • Take a step forward with left foot in a way that your left leg will form a right angle
  • The right knee needs to be closer to the ground
  • Go back to the earlier position and repeat it with your right leg
  • Keep the back spine straight throughout
You can do 10 reps in each set and do a total of about 4 to 6 sets in all.


5. Jumping Jacks:

This is a useful training often used by sportsperson and in the military. This is an “anytime anywhere” exercise which can be done virtually anywhere. It helps in the enhancement of the overall physique and aerobic endurance.


  • Stand in a relaxed position and arms along the body
  • Jump up in the air with the arms raised above the head and legs spread in the air
  • Land with your feet should width apart
  • Go back to the starting position with a quick jump

You can do it times in each set and do about 3 to 5 sets in general.

The all-over process of quick interval training is regarded as a highly effective practice because of it”s fast pace a large number of calories are burnt in a very small period of time. Do this basic 15-minute workout video at home every day to obtain some awesome results in a short amount of time.

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This weight loss training guide will help to lose weight fast in a short span of time by spending only 15 minutes daily. Hiit workout are one of the best ways for weight loss. These Hiit workout for men and women are suitable for burning belly fat fast without going to gym. The HIIT workout plan will help you to lose weight in a week at home without hitting the gym. The quick weight loss tips will help in weight loss for moms and college students making them healthy and fit in no time. Everyone knows how hard it is to get rid of agonizing thigh fat fast. These exercises will help you to get rid of inner thigh fat in a short span of time and help in weight loss naturally at home providing you with strong legs and sexy butts.

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