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Wanna lose weight too badly?

Maybe your being here is an indication that you do want that to happen but honestly,

I wanted to make this happen anyhow at any cost.

And here this post I am going to chart out the exact process I followed to do that.

Weight loss before and after
My Weight Loss Journey

I was not someone who was immensely overweight but someone who surely needed to trim down the extra fat in order to be much fitter and flexible.

I started looking for weight loss tips here and there and even started the hardcore ways of losing weight like doing cardio exercises, going out for running and even started to think of joining the gym.

The real problem from which I suffered was that just after a few days of following a strict routine I used to give up.

Yes at first the problem was with motivation, but when I got left out from my high school sports team because of it then it was no longer the cause.

The real cause was that none of the weight loss tips that I followed was appropriately suited for me and for my way of living my life.

Firstly let me clarify clearly that this is not a miraculous guide of losing 10 or 15 kilos of weight in a week or a month,I didn’t have faith in stuff like those then, cause those ways can cause some serious damage to the body and will do more harm than good in the long run.

If that was really possible in a good way without hurting the body then movie actors or artists wouldn’t have maintained a three or six-month training schedule to lose or put on weight.

The good news?

I figured out that in order to truly win the battle against losing weight 3 things mattered the most :

  • 1. Your weight loss motivation.
  • 2. An ideal weight loss strategy constructed appropriately only for yourself.
  • 3.  Going through the list of daily habits that are attributing to your weight gain.

I took a piece of sticky note paper and wrote down the reasons for which I needed to lose weight anyhow.

For me it was,losing weight

And I stuck this on my bedroom mirror glass so that I would surely have to see and face all these at least twice a day.

This ensured that in no way I would suffer from motivational dysfunction from here on.

When this was taken care of, I then moved into the next vital point: Planning out a strategy for myself

You can research for hundreds of diets, workouts, etc but at the very end what works for the others won’t necessarily mean will work for you too.

Yes, it can inspire you and let you know the ways by following which one can to attain the same results.

But what is far more important is that how you can effectively add and apply those ways for yourself in a manner suited just for you.

And this is the point where you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

You need to find out how strong is your motivation.

  • Close your eyes for a bit and think of all the problems you have endured after putting on weight 
  • The things that you easily did before but no longer can do because of these extra pounds.
  • A number of pretty dresses you can no longer fit into.

Now write all of those down on a piece of paper and try sticking it on someplace where you will get a view of it at least a few times a day.

The stronger your motivations will be, the more you will be benefitted in the long run of this journey.

There are hundreds and thousands of people all around the world that are getting a gym membership every month for losing weight but after just going for a few days they put that on hold and simply move on with the end result being zero.

So you need to figure out what do you want and what will be best for yourself in the long run.

I sorted this out and realized that going to the gym every day and working out for hours is not suited for me at least just for losing weight.

As for the habit sections, I also took a piece of paper and noted down the vital habits that I possess at that time that were not helping me anyhow.

What I did next was just tweaked certain habits of mine along with my everyday diet chart and also introduced some new ones.

The weight loss tips and tricks I am going to share here will surely yield you the same results as the ones I have achieved if you follow them systematically with utter importance and sheer will.

So here”s the Weight loss plan that I worked out for myself :



Drank lemon honey water for weight loss

  • First thing I did every morning after waking up, is to prepare a glass of lukewarm water and added a teaspoonful of unprocessed organic honey into it.
  • Then thoroughly squeezed the juice of a lemon into the water, stirred the whole mixture well and consumed the whole drink slowly.

I used to consume it completely on an empty stomach but for people having certain stomach issues or digestion problems, it would be better if they drink this after having some light food like biscuits or something.

This miraculous drink not only helped me in my weight loss and in achieving an ideal weight but also in drastically providing me with a smooth bowel movement and improved digestive function.


People generally talk a lot about their diet and daily diet chart while talking about losing weight.

But incidentally I myself never followed any proper diet chart to fulfill my purpose of losing pounds.

I just tweaked and introduced a few things in the diet plan normally and stuck with the basics of completely avoiding any kind of street food as well as any carbonated drinks.

This really worked wonders for me.

People may find this point of avoiding any fast food or carbonated drinks to be very easy at first but believe me, this is probably the hardest of all.

The limits of our self-control get thoroughly tested here.

 That moment of saying no to a slice of pizza while hanging out with your friends may seem a very easy thing to do but trust me,to do it without staggering from your goal is really really hard.

 Initially, it sure will be tough if you are just a foodie like me but with time say just about maintaining this for two to three weeks you will start to get used to it.

  • The first two-three weeks will sure be very vital in this regard and once you get through that period, life will get easy overall.

It sure was a huge challenge to cut myself off totally from this category of food so I found out a way of praising my efforts.

Every two weeks I used to reward myself by making a fast food dish at home with very little olive oil and low spice content. In this way, I managed to remain happy as well as fit both mentally and physically.


Cardio for weight loss

I normally went out to jog around my local park in the evening but going out for a jog at any time of the day works.

I started with jogging of 15 minutes initially and slowly increased it to around 30 minutes a day.

  • Obviously, initially, it felt difficult to jog continuously for such long periods.
  • So after every 5 minutes, I used to stop jogging and walked for 30 to 40 seconds at a medium pace, giving my body just a bit of time to get my breath back. 
  • At the very end, after jogging for a period of about 30 minutes in this way, I used to run at my full pace for 2 to 3 minutes.

This overall I think did wonders for me.

I did”not used to go out for jogging every single day but I made sure that I went out at least 5 times a week and I follow this till date religiously.

It’s not about going for a run for a day or two and then giving in.

Making a habit is very crucial here and again the first two weeks will be very crucial too.

If you somehow managed to do it for two weeks, chances are that you will be able to manage it in the future also with more ease.


Green tea consists of an enormous amount of phytochemicals, such as polyphenols and caffeine.

  • EGCG is a particular type of polyphenol found in green tea that contributes a lot towards losing weight.
  • Caffeine is another important component of Green tea which acts as a strong stimulator of burning weight.
  • Both of these components helps in the metabolism of the body to a wide extent and thus helps in the burning of fat.

Besides having these important properties, green tea also posses a large variety of antioxidants.



Yoga for weight loss

I did yoga from my early childhood so it was not new to me.

Yoga doesn’t burn calories as cardio exercises do but there are a lot of yoga exercises and poses which not only accelerates the process of losing weight but also tones your muscles and thus makes your whole body way more flexible.

Also Read: The Ultimate guide of how Yoga can help you lose those weight fast




I myself didn’t initially go to any dietician for carving out a diet plan for my very own.

But with time, with more getting engaged in the process of my weight loss regime, I started to understand the need for a well crafted out diet chart.

But yeah,

abiding by a strict diet chart is always challenging so initially at that stage I decided to do it by my own way,that is, not by following any particular diet plan or chart but by adding some new particular items and by tweaking or changing a few little things of the daily diet of that time.


  •  Started to have oats for breakfast every single day: Oats is one of those food products which will help in fastening your metabolism.OATS FOR LOSING WEIGHT

It contains good carbohydrates and insoluble fibers that help in keeping you full for longer periods of time.

However always try to look for original flavorless oats while buying as the flavored ones are rich in sugars and other preservatives and will do more harm than good.

  • Had a bowl of soup every night for dinner: Many studies till date have shown that eating the same food in soup form instead of solid form makes individuals feel more full quickly and thus leads in the lower intake of calories.

Also in my case, I was not a big fan of eating vegetables in their normal solid forms.

So what I did was, I used to cook some vegetables like beans, carrots, etc and boil them up suitably for smashing them and mixing them evenly within the soup.

Then I used to add the chicken, sprouts and all other tasty yet healthy things needed in order to divert the taste of those vegetables and make the soup tastier.


  • Had yogurt every morning: I found out that many types of research have shown immensely that unsweetened yogurt does promote weight loss when consumed on a daily basis. It is a very popular dairy product and indeed reduces the chances of getting unwanted pounds by keeping you healthy. Read more about it here.
  •  Started to add certain weight loss friendly food in my everyday diet: it included broccoli,brussels sprouts, chicken breasts, etc.

As I already mentioned, I did”not follow any hardcore diet plan for weight loss, what I did was simply made some basic changes in the normal diet plan that I was following usually daily.


Water for losing weight

Drinking more water is highly beneficial for you as it will lead to burning of more calories i.e, it helps in increasing your resting energy expenditure.  

Many studies out there suggests that enhancement in quantity of water consumption will lead to increases chances of weight loss.

  • It naturally suppresses the hunger that often leads to mindless eating.
  • Drinking water on an hourly basis also helps in losing a considerable amount of calories.
  • Drinking water half an hour before having meals enhances your digestion abilities.

After knowing all these I started to drink 4 liters of water regularly.

You can also take the help of many apps out there for guidance in this and for reminding you to drink water every hour.



I had an old and improper habit of eating late at the night at around 11 pm every night.

Every post on the internet on fast weight loss tips suggests eating a handful of serving food at dinner while I used to have a dinner full-fledged.

So I did a  change in this regard.

  • I decreased the amount of food intake at dinner and started to have that small amount about three hours before going to the bed thus providing my body with ample time to properly digest that little amount of food.


Weight loss

Previously I used to go to sleep at around 2 or 3 am in the morning.

Being awake for so long at the night not only causes severe damage to our biological body clock but also causes an urge to have something as snacks.

This middle of the night snacking is a very acute yet easily neglected reason behind certain weight issues.

At the beginning it only starts as “a little bit of bedtime snack” but as the days go on it becomes more of an indispensable habit.

This nocturnal habit is completely unnecessary for your body if you had a sufficient dinner a few hours back.

It leads to the intake of completely unwanted carbohydrates, fats, preservatives and other refined sugars within the body.

In many individuals including me, late night snacking was an addiction.

And tackling it sometimes can seem pretty easy but in reality absolutely the opposite.

So the most effective and simple way of overcoming this is to go to bed early.

This lifestyle change of going to bed early worked miraculously for me.

  • Yes, it won’t be easy if currently you go to sleep at 3 am at night and one night suddenly starts to go to sleep at 11 pm at night.

         It won’t work that way.

What I did was slowly started to go to sleep half an hour early than what I did a few days back. Example- Once I used to sleep at 2 am in the morning,I started to go to sleep at 1 30 for two days than at 1 am for two-three days and in this way, I totally overcame my habit of going to sleep so late to go to sleep at around 11 30 at the night.


I started to have meals only at the dinner table instead of having it on someplace else. I used to keep the fruits and nuts, stuffs that I can consume whenever I felt like grabbing some snack, on the dining table only.

This prevented me from letting any free calories go inside my body.

The habit of mindless eating is one of the most underrated methods of gaining weight that often gets ignored.

Read more about it”s drawbacks and the ways by which you can prevent it here.

Grab the exact step by step blueprint I followed to lose 24 kilos of weight without hvaing any gym membership. These steps will help you to burn belly fat and also will help you to lose weight fast naturally.


Losing weight is not that hard as it seems at first.

The most important thing that is needed for losing weight is building a sustainable habit.

But for that to happen you have to invest some time in yourself.

The methods that I mentioned here worked for me great only because I tweaked them and placed them into my daily routine as per my need.

I am quite confident that if you use these tips into your life, it will yield some positive outcomes for you in a short span of time.


If you liked reading this post then feel free to leave a comment below to let me know about the problems and queries you have about losing weight.

I will be happy to help.



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