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Ultimate guide of losing belly fat like a Boss-(I lost 53 Pounds by these exact steps!)

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“How do I lose my belly fat?

I’ve tried many things still now but none of them have worked”. 

This probably is one of the most familiar questions that all the health gurus out there get asked almost every single day.


  • Maybe you have truly devoted yourself in losing that extra pounds of fat on your stomach region that are stopping you from fitting in your favorite jeans, but sadly you have not seen any miraculous yet.
  • Or maybe you haven”t till now taken any actionable step for losing belly fat and are just thinking of getting started.

Either way, it”s totally okay.


Michaelangelo, one of the most famous artists of Renaissance believed that his sculptures were already captured in the blocks of the marbles ages before he even started doing his work.

His one and only task were to chisel away the excess amount of material from the sculptures and set his artwork fully free.

You can apply the same school of thinking in this scenario of losing belly fat and gaining the abs.

The abs are already there. You just need to get rid of the belly fat to let the world see it.

Simple right?

Yes, I know what you are thinking.

It”s easier said than been done.

Well then trust me you are in the right place.

Here in this article, I am going to show you the exact method of how you can get rid of that annoying belly fat of yours in no time.

There are sure a lot of misconceptions out there regarding this very topic of shredding the belly fat.

I myself was it”s victim.

Losing belly fat

After facing many serious issues because of my sudden weight gain a few years back,

I decided to to take my weight issue seriously and started giving thoughts over losing weight.

The belly fat dib was not only looking awkward in the body of a teenager but also was causing me to not fit into my regular dresses.

So the first thing I decided was to try to shed off that belly fat.

But that did”not go so well because I did”not took any proper guidance and jumped right into achieving my goal without educating myself properly regarding this very issue.

  • I started doing 100 crunches and other stuff along with cutting off random calories from my diet without strategizing any proper diet and training plan suitable just for myself.

You see in today”s world of everyone being a typical diet and fitness expert, it is very important to light up your own fitness education which in the long run will benefit you immensely.

You will know what is good for yourself and what is not.

I am myself it”s very golden example.

The thing is there are so many wrong conceptions out there about trying to lose that beer belly.

Chances are very much that if you tried but failed in losing weight you had took the wrong approach.

Let”s quickly have a look some of the popular myths regarding losing belly fat and getting abs:


1. Doing crunches and sit-ups every day can melt away your belly fat:


I tried this one myself and trust me it really doesn’t work.

You can do thousands of crunches every day but the thing is to reduce abdominal fat from a particular region via crunches and situps alone is hard.

  • These will no doubt strengthen your stomach muscles but won’t contribute much to losing the ugly belly fat.

Doing too many of this excercises can cause spinal cord issues which will then cause more harm than any good.

Obviously, these exercises are required in order to achieve this goal but they aren’t”t the only ways of getting to it. And you should always value quality over quantity.

2. You cant get a flat stomach because of your genes:

Lose belly fat

This is really a disturbing myth to be very honest because abs are there inside everyone you just need to tone the outer abdominal portion of your tummy in order to feel it coming out.

Anybody with proper guide and training can get a flat stomach easily. Genetics is not an issue ever.

So, Why is it so hard to get rid of the stubborn fat at the belly portion of the body?

Most of the people in their weight loss journey find this as the greatest hurdle to cross.

  • Not only is it stubborn it is termed as the visceral fat which is often referred to as organ fat.
  • This probably is of the most important reasons you must get rid off that because the fat formation at the belly region is in close proximity with the vital organs of your body like the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, etc and it can alter the hormone secretion and is a major health concern calling to be sorted out as quickly as possible.

As I said I was really very overweight and damn unhealthy but just by fitness education, and by doing some tweaks to my daily habits, I transformed myself from 84 kilos to 60 kilos without hitting the gym.

So let me quickly let you show the exact steps I took to successively deal with the problem:

You can get rid of the visceral stubborn fat way sooner than you can think.

 Honestly, you really don’t need to do 100s of situps, starving yourself or to take supplements out there in the market in order to achieve your desired weight goal.

 Losing belly fat mainly depends on 4 things:

  • Your Diet Plan
  • Your Training Plan
  • Your Motivation
  • Your willpower of changing certain bad habits.

You just need to know only one thing.

There is no easy way of losing the stubborn fat from your body.

You need to invest in yourself to lose weight that’s it.

 If you remain honest with yourself and really try hard then it will just be a matter of time till you reach your goal.

Trust me I did and it”s not that hard. 


The whole campaign of your belly fat loss is dependant upon your healthy food choices and a well-structured diet.

  • Yes, maybe you can work out like crazy in the gym but at the very end of the day,
  • But if you cant decline that slice of pizza which your friend offers to you then it won’t yield any positive result whatsoever, not to think of any fast one either.

belly fat reduction

You just need to go on making some simpler tweaks on the diet you are currently having and introduce some healthy food choices into it as per need.

You can also read this post on How to lose belly fat without exercising about these simple diet tweaks and tips to lose fat.

 Make these changes in your diet plan and you will be good to go:


1. Start to have the good carbs and ban the bad ones:

Stay away from the white or bad carbohydrates and always try to stick with the good ones.

In case you are wondering hard about what these bad carbohydrates are,
they are the types of carbohydrates obtained from consuming processed foods and also from having white rice, white bread, cakes, sodas, etc which are responsible for making you fat.
Yeah, I get it…..Carbohydrates are delicious.
But some of these carbs are deliciously bad for yourself.
 In short, if you want to lose belly fat at a faster pace try to switch from the bad carbohydrates to the good ones.
Good carbohydrate and bad carbohydrate list

2. Completely stop having sugar because it is the biggest enemy for your flat belly: 

loss f belly fat

  • Artificial sugars are highly addictive in nature and cause a tremendous amount of harm to your body than you can imagine.
  • The drinks and desserts that are rich in sugar are highly bad for your health. And the first place it will start to get seen after some time is your belly region.
 So cutting this off totally will be a good way to begin your weight loss journey.

3. Stuff your diet with protein to build a lean muscle mass:

Dedicating yourselves to proteins can do wonders to your body. {Given you are not suffering from any serious health issues}

  • The proteins belong to the type of food you can have on a daily basis to have a well developed and better-looking appearance in quick time.
  • They help in boosting the metabolism of your body and in keeping yourself full for long periods of time.

They help in muscle gain that is important while losing fat as it is seen in many instances people end up losing muscle mass along with weight in these kinds of weight loss campaigns due to not consuming enough protein daily.

5. Stop having alcohol:

lose belly fat

Alcohol gets converted into sugar and then into fat and where do you think it is going to be appearing in the first place?

Yup just what you are thinking.

Just remember one thing, partying lasts for one night.

But the belly fat you will gain can last for months.

6. Have protein as the main dish and carbs as the side ones:

In many family meals particularly in Asian countries, the practice of consuming proteins as the side dishes and having the carbohydrates as the primary food sources is a popular practice.

There are many arguments on these kinds of issues however it is sufficiently clear that in order to lose weight in a progressive way it is better to consume carbohydrates in a sufficiently lesser or equal quantity with the proteins.

The main goal of these kinds of suggestions is to give importance to the proteins that they deserve and not to overlook them in any way.

7. Have lemon juice with honey in warm water: 

  • The very first thing I did after waking up every morning when I was trying to lose my weight was to prepare a glass of lukewarm water and after that added a teaspoonful of unprocessed organic honey into the water.
  • I then thoroughly squeezed the juice of lemon out of it and added it into the water,
  • After that, I stirred the whole mixture well with a spoon and consumed the whole drink slowly.

I used to consume this completely on an empty stomach every morning but people having stomach issues or digestion problems can drink this after hame light food like biscuits or something.

This drink helped me in achieving an ideal weight and also in improving my digestive function.


There are a lot of things out there regarding diet plans spanning from


  • Paleo, keto diets to wide concepts of intermittent fasting, macronutrients etc.
  • Following all this will definitely bring changes to your body.
  • But the real big thing is to remain faithful to a plan or to the restrictions you are introducing on yourself and obeying them.
  • Because all these protocols will mean absolutely nothing and will get you zero results if you don’t remain loyal to it.

And that is why most diet plans are said to fail.

Most of the times it”s more the fault of the one obeying the diet plan than the fault of the diet itself.

So before implementing all these, it is needed that you learn to stick to a particular diet plan and not get diverted from it.

Popular researches tell that about 80 percent of the people starting with new diet plans cant make it past the first week.

Shocking right?

The reason is pretty simple.

The diet plans they start to follow maybe are not ideally cut out suiting themselves and are complex along with being tough so they get frustrated and eventually stop to follow them.

Because it is very obvious that the only way you will be about to lose weight is by following a diet plan suited just for yourself.

No matter how great a diet is if you fail to stick to it then it is of no use.


lose belly fat

From the date the first humans stepped on the earth 2 million years ago they were on a daily routine of hunting and working hard to move from places to places.

They used to do hard stuff that put their bodies through a very hard daily activity.

  • And this went on till about 500 or 600 years back when we started to settle down a bit more and slowly started to have a more stable and less strainful daily life.

So just think of this our body for this many years have been trained and made up for having a daily active lifestyle.

That is exactly what we need to give it in order to enjoy a healthy life and be fit.

Simple right…

The root cause of almost all the health issues we suffer from in present era can be pointed down to lack of adequate physical activity.

Of course, it is not advisable to have a life with hard physical activity throughout the day but it is also not healthy to have a lifestyle without giving any importance to physical activity because at some point in everyone’s life we feel the need of doing it.

This is the very reason that you should gift your body with it”s needs.

And trust me if you eat healthily and you have a lifestyle of doing fitness activities every single day your body will thank you and will make you feel the change.

Oh and that will make you feel better a heck and not only you will be more healthy and fit but will also be immune to many diseases and health issues.

Alongside, with this, you will be more confident and will be presented with an overall good appearance.

So just by tweaking a few habits of your life, you will make wonders happen.

1. Find your Thing:

Getting a gym membership just for losing weight I don’t feel is necessary.

I myself lost a considerable amount of weight without hitting the gym and I know many many others who did the same.

Exercising contribute to about 25 to 40 percent of the total weight loss journey.

However, doing it increases your chances of reaching your goal at a faster and efficient way.

Especially when your sole target is losing the beer bump it then becomes very handy.

Running, skipping, biking,swimming-try to choose any one of these to do for at least 5 days a week.

However never try to exhaust yourself with any marathon of these activities.

Think of what will suit you more and with which you will be more comfortable in the long process.

2. Cardio exercises are one of the most prescribed ways of losing belly fat.

These will not only help you to burn your calories but in also improving your overall body health.

It is not necessary to join a gym inorder to slim up.

I find the thing of joining a gym just for losing weight a bit overrated.

On the other post on my journey of how I lost 53 pounds,I have thoroughly discussed the ways I managed to lose weight without hitting the gym.

3. Go for apps:

If you want you can download any task scheduler apps which will track your activities and will keep you motivated.

These apps wll help you to remain organized and sometimes even sufficiently motivate you to reach your goals by keeping a proper track of your doings.

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4. Find a  fitness buddy:

While beginning this journey of losing weight try to find a positively minded friend to join you in your outdoor training periods who will not only support your efforts but also will keep you motivated in the long run.

But only choose anyone who is realistic and of sincerity. Otherwise, it will do more harm than any profit.


I guess you know how that goes right?

At one instance you are just pumped up with a high level of motivation and just after trying for a few days you give up.

It happens as it takes a lot of effort to break a habit.

It akes a lot of willpower to change the bad habits you have been making without you even realizing it.

The problem is our motivation is fleeing in nature and our willpower is a bit limited.

  • So What to do about this problem?
  • How to not suffer anymore from this problem of lack of motivation for losing weight?
  • How to finally tame the “fleeing motivation” and not let it go away again?

I have discussed all these in my guide on:

Taming the Fleeing Motivation: The Ultimate guide of Getting Yourself motivated For Losing Weight


Of all these points, I personally like to stress hugely on this one only because in many instances it has been found,

Most people who manages to lose a suitable amount of weight in a given time tends to gain 50% of it back just within a year.

So why does this happen?

It only happens because most of these people put no effort into building a habit in the past period of the weight loss regimen.

Building a habit is needed for only losing some pounds but for maintaining a healthy body and a nice appearance all year around.

The tweaks that I will mention below will not only help you to be fit but in making you more productive as well:


1. Keep a particular meal routine:

Always try to eat at a fixed time every day.

Always try to maintain this meal rhythm throughout the year also with maintaining a diet plan of your own that you are comfortable with.

2. Always check the labels:

While buying any food product always check the labels. Look for the following things with the highest priority:

  • The Saturated Fat content/Presence{Harmful For You}
  • Trans Fat content/Presence{Bad for you}
  • Unsaturated Fatty acid content{Good for health}
  • The Sugar content {Harmful for health}
  • The Salt content: Harmful in too much amount for health}
  • The expiry date, of course.

 3. Never have a big meal after 5 o’clock in the evening:

Overeating in the evening after coming home from work is a typical work life problem that most faces on a daily basis.

even many people who cautiously obey a particular diet find it hard to stick to the diet at the night.

Psychologically it is much easier after coming from work to free ourselves from the restrictions and get involved in the consumption of some unwanted calories in form of snacks.

More and more researches are showing how important it is to consume more during the day and to have light meals after evening.

Many studies have shown people to lose more weight by eating less at night and eating more throughout the daytime. So switch to having lighter meals after the evening period to see some good results.

 4. Eat slowly by taking time:

Eating slowly by chewing the food in a more vivid manner will not only help in the digestion of the food in a better way but also in making you lose weight.

This is something that gets lost among the chaos of diets and training plans but it is a reality that better digestion of the food helps in optimum functioning of your body and in keeping you fit.

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 5. Always eat at the dinner table:

Eating at the dinner table will help you to remain aware of what you are eating.

Talking while eating your meal or watching a movie on T.V. while having dinner can lead to mindless eating and result in overeating.

In fact, many studies till now have shown that families having meals together on the dining or dinner table tend to be a lot fitter and suffers from lower problems of weight gain.

6. Separate at least 1 hour of the day for yourself:

Use this one hour by designing the training regime you like.

You can do running or biking for 40 minutes and can practice yoga in the rest.

Also, you can meditate a little as per your want but remember to set at least one hour for yourself aside.

The more the better as you will be doing none but your own body a favor by doing this.

So devise your own training plan in a way that you will enjoy to ride along and try to maintain this on a daily basis.

If you already go to the gym then no worries you can use this period for yoga and for meditation or for other relaxing workouts. Remember investing more time for your own self at the end will benefit you only and no one else.


Exercising regularly will not only make you fit but also will make you happy from inside.

Stop stressing yourself with the thought of losing weight.

Everyone deep down knows what are good for them or bad. The problem is they find it hard to be consistent.

The burden thought of making some serious changes in our lifestyle …making and abiding by certain protocols…making fruitless efforts of hitting the gym daily all these can sound a bit scary as well as a bit overwhelming, to begin with.

It is okay to be scared.

Ultimately it is the golden truth.

You do need to make certain changes in order to have some different results than the one you are currently getting.

Trust me I have been there.

Every serious weight loser has been there.

  • The thing that separates you from the rest will be how maturely you reason up with yourself after getting overwhelmed with all these thoughts.

The more thoughts you invest here the more you will get exhausted soon so what you can do is tell yourself that I do have invested myself and have committed to follow certain regulations and diet plans which in a matter of time will start to show positive results.

So there is absolutely no use in getting stressed out.

Everything takes time and every problem has its own solutions.

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If you liked reading this then I would like to request you to leave a comment below on anything you feel is bothering you about losing belly fat/overall weight and to live a life you want…..





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