The fat burning foods will help anyone to lose weight fast and get rid of belly fat in a week at home without hitting the gym

9 Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight fast on Autopilot mode(2019 updated)

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Let me guess,

You are really bothered about losing your weight and are wondering the right approach to take to initiate your weight loss journey.

Well, for starters you can implement these 9 specific weight loss friendly fat burning foods that are regarded as highly suitable for losing weight fast. The first ideal step for losing weight is not to eat less but to eat smart.

Completely ditch fast foods and introduce the weight loss friendly food items mentioned below for a start.

These fat burning foods will not only enhance your metabolism but will make you keep full for a longer period of time preventing sudden hunger cravings.

They also have their own specific health benefits too.

how to lose weight in a week using fat burning foods

Let’s dive into the list of fat burning foods:

9. Apple:


apple for weight loss : Apple is one of the belly fat reducing foods that help in losing weight fast

An apple is a water-rich weight loss friendly food which will help you to feel full for a longer period of time without consumption of larger calories.

  • Apples are rich in fiber and are highly suitable for weight loss
  • They help in enhancing brain function and in boosting your immune system

Using apple for weight loss is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The fiber content makes it highly suitable for losing weight. Helps in keeping you full for long periods of time
  • Leads to lower consumption of calorie to suffix your hunger
  • It helps in improving the gut health and in the growth of beneficial bacteria within the intestine as the bowel movement will get stimulated


Avocadoes are rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins, and fibers. There is a reason why avocadoes are preferred for all kinds of weight loss diets.

If you are on a low carb diet or any other of losing weight or are just into the process of losing some pounds then adding avocadoes to your diet will be a must. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are regarded as “healthy and safe” fats.

Using Avocado for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • They are rich in potassium which helps in the muscle building process better. 50 g of avocado contains 250 mg of potassium.
  • They are almost sugar-free which is a unique feature as most fruits remain filled with natural sugar.
  • It can act as an effective part of a calorie-reduced diet plan
  • It is rich with fiber so will help you to remain full for longer periods of time along with this will keep you energized.


blueberries for weight loss : Blueberry is one of the weight loss foods that help in losing weight fast

Blueberries are rich in polyphenols which helps in protecting the body against heart p[roblems and keeps the blood pressure in check.  They are a “jack of all trades” kind of a fat burning food item which contributes a little to almost every well being of the human body.


  • They can act as a useful substitute for unhealthy snacks and can be eaten during hunger pangs
  • They are low-calorie food items which fill the stomach quickly even without the consumption of a huge amount of calories into the body
  • It helps in maintain the overall health condition as it boosts the immune system and is rich in antioxidants too which is responsible for aging and causing tumors


Eggs for weight loss : Eggs are one of the weight loss foods that help in losing weight fast

It is no secret that protein-rich diets are tremendously weight loss friendly. They help in keeping your body metabolism high and also keep the energy levels high.  They help in making any food dish yummier and also are healthy for the overall health of your body.

Using eggs for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • Iodine and selenium are found in huge amounts in eggs which helps in optimum functioning of the thyroid gland.  The thyroid plays a key role in the weight management of the body. So keeping the thyroid healthy is the key
  • They are great for muscle buildup and are one of the most suited food sources to have for both post and pre-workout sessions
  • It is a low-calorie food which acts as a rich source of 9 essential amino acids and keeps you full for long periods of time while boosting your energy levels….what more can you ask right?
  • It is virtually free of sugar and is rich with antioxidants that help in protecting your body from free radicals
  • The eggs can surely act as the perfect swaps for bad carbohydrates in your breakfast. Researches published in the International Journal of Obesity have shown that candidates consuming eggs for breakfast regularly showed a steady decrease of about 16 % body fat in contrast with people having bagels for breakfast
  • They are highly versatile food items and can get blended with any kind of weight loss diets including the keto diet or the whole 30 diets.


Broccoli for weight loss : Broccoli are one of the fat burning foods that help in losing weight fast

Broccoli has been known as an evergreen vegetable rich in antioxidants. For this purpose, it is a must to have broccoli blended into your diet plan right now.

Coming from the cabbage family it has got the most optimum mixture of the important nutrients in it which will help in living a healthier life. It has got huge amounts of vitamin C in it along with flavonoids and beta carotenes.

Using Broccoli for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • Broccoli helps in reducing the chances of cancer especially the breast and uterus cancers. It helps in making sure that optimum body functioning is maintained so that an individual remain fit and healthy.
  • Like other food items in this chart, broccoli is packed with soluble fiber that helps in drawing out the unwanted cholesterol and in its easy excretion, out of the body. As per the research of the Institute of Food Research, a  specific variety of broccoli helps to reduce blood LDL-cholesterol levels by about 6 %
  • Broccoli is regarded as one of the most effective fat loss friendly foods out there and as it is rich in fiber, it is a good carb and aids digestion and helps in smooth bowel movements along with maintaining the right blood sugar level
  • It is rich in protein which is especially beneficial for people following a vegan diet and also for other weight loss aspirants as protein-rich foods are often regarded as weight loss friends foods


If you are trying hard to lose weight via cutting off calories then adding sweet potatoes to your diet will be a must. It is packed with nutrition of high value and is extremely beneficial for the body.

Using Sweet Potato for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • It is jam-packed with dietary fiber that is suited for weight loss
  • It is a low-calorie food so it leads to intake of fewer calories while serving your appetite to the fullest
  • Packed with good carbohydrates that are suited for weight loss unlike the bad carbohydrates
  • Will keep you full for long periods of time hence will stop you from sudden hunger pangs
  • It has high water content which is extremely beneficial for weight loss as it will make you feel full


Oats for weight loss : Oats are one of the fat burning foods that help in losing weight fast

Oats are highly affordable and stuffed with good carbs and fiber. I mean what better combo can you ask for right?

It is a highly customizable food item and can be blended in for breakfast or sudden hunger pangs.

Using oats for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • Unflavoured  oats are free of any sugar hence won’t act as the source for bad carbs
  • They are low-calorie content fat loss foods
  • The normal serving of a plate of oats contain the daily requirement of 2% of calcium and 6 % iron
  • Always go for the unflavoured ones and they are ideal food items to be consuming for weight loss as they are low-calorie food and are rich in fiber content. They can be consumed in a variety of interesting ways that will fulfill the needs of your taste buds.
  • This particular fat burning food is known to keep you full for long periods of time and hence will stop you from binge eating


Many kinds of researches over the years have shown that adults suffering from obesity problems when consumed about three servings of completely fat free yogurt three times a day as a part of their weight loss diet, lost  61 % more body fat and about 22% more weight than those participants who maintained a low-calorie diet but did not depend much on calcium food sources.

Participants having yogurt was found to lost belly fat at a faster rate than other participants.

Using Yogurt for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • Yogurt is rich in calcium which when paired with a low-calorie weight loss diet enhances the effectivity of the diet as a whole and burns fat at a faster pace
  • It helps in enhancing the process of burning the belly fat at a staggering pace
  • Yogurt helps in stopping the loss of muscle mass. This is extremely important while losing weight as you would want to lose fat and not the muscles
  • This fat burning food item helps in boosting the immune system and in the proper functioning of the human body


Brown rice for weight loss : Brown rice is one of the weight loss foods that help in losing weight fast


Brown rice is quite synonymous with the term of healthy eating. It helps in retaining many kinds of nutrients that white rice fail to retain.  The brown rice is less processed and has the nutritious bran and germ retained in them which get removed from the white rice. It is extremely filling yet is packed with important nutrients.

Using Brown rice for losing weight is beneficial because:

  • When compared with white rice the nutrition it brings forward is really striking. It is rich in manganese, iron, selenium, flavonoids. The fiber content is high in brown rice which makes it indispensable for losing weight.
  • Ultimately helps in the consumption of lower calories
  • Brown rice helps in keeping cholesterol in check and also optimizes the blood pressure level
  • It is a great source of potassium, calcium, and folate.  The brown rice is packed with antioxidants which protect our body from the action of the free radicals which often times is responsible for many kinds of cancers and other serious health conditions. In all, it boosts the human body with a variety of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which makes it a dependable part of a healthy diet plan

All the fat burning foods that were mentioned above are scientifically regarded as the best foods for weight loss and for the betterment of your fitness.

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