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Hi there!

Most of us while starting out in our journey of losing weight find difficulty in knowing or determining the right place to begin your journey. Even after starting, we often suffer from motivation issues and get distracted from our path by life.

I was there once and I clearly know the kind of hardships and struggles one faces physically and mentally in their journey of losing weight. So via this platform, I want to spread the knowledge and experience I have gained through my own journey of losing 53 pounds without hitting the gym.

So Who am I?

I am Joydeep, a simple man in my twenties who is just like you and everyone out there.

Here in Unravelling Fitness, I help people who aspire to lose weight and live a healthier life.

I have been doing Yoga since I was five years old and is one of the few things that I can’t stop to talk about.

Incidentally while in my high school I started to gain some unwanted weight and struggled to get rid of it no matter what I did…I tried following diets the internet gurus recommended us to follow…started to insert new extracurricular activities into my life but nothing seemed to be working and instead of losing weight I remember I gained few more kilos at one point of time.

This genuinely made me frustrated and sad. However, later on, I dealt with all these issues and successfully went on to lose huge chunks of fat off my body. And if I could do that, you can do that too. It is not rocket science, you just need to follow some basic tips and guidelines and optimize your diet plan and training plan in a proper manner to skyrocket your fat burning rate.

I pursued my degree of Microbiology in the college through which I came to know about the concepts of carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism in the human body and of other important data on diets and food processing..the strong impact it has on our body.

All these made me more involved regarding the health and fitness niche. Through this website, I try nothing but to share the limited knowledge I have acquired through my education and self-experience and tend to help as many people as I can and leave a positive impact on their life…

That’s all…

Cheers 🙂


Share the love♥